For those of you who were unable to attend the annual All Church meeting this past Sunday evening, your presence was missed.  We did not want you to miss out on the “Big Announcement,” so here is a brief recap.

2014 marks our 7th year as a congregation. Wow! We are growing stronger; we are growing our members and visitors; we are growing our missions; and we are growing – literally – out of our current space. We’ve been aware of this trend and have taken steps to address it.  We rented more space in our building, we added more services, we re-arranged our food pantry and our clothes closet – all wonderful steps – and it is helping. But we know that soon we are going to need more space, better accessibility and more efficient ways to serve our missions.

To begin addressing this, we formed a Space Committee (Chaired by our ever faithful Gary Garrett) to search for options for our church in our current community. That Committee searched and searched, and while some options came forth, we realized we were not quite ready for that step.  We needed more preparations on the financial end of things.

In response to that, need we developed a Capital Campaign Committee – chaired by yours truly and the talented and amazing Lori Glidewell. This Committee is charged with guiding our community to generate the funds needed by the Space Committee to take us to a new home.  After much research, it was determined that total budget needed to purchase or renovate a new space is approximately $1 million dollars.

The Capital Campaign has established a goal of $220,000 to allow the Space Committee to move forward. With those funds in hand we can pay necessary down payments, as well as purchase other furniture and fixtures that will be needed, or proceed with a renovation fund. It is important for you to note that, once we enter into a mortgage situation vs. our current rental agreement, the impact to our operating budget will not be very significant. We’ll be able to function much like we do today – financially speaking – but with much needed elbow room!

That is a lot of money.  Right?  Well, while this is a significant goal, we have some very realistic strategies to get us there. It is not the impossible dream that it may seem at first. We will be talking a lot more with everyone, everyone, everyone on ways we can bind together to accomplish this very important and necessary mission for this church.

For one thing, we know that the members of this church that will step up to support this mission in very important ways. You may make significant financial commitments, you may support special fundraising events, or you may launch your own independent fundraising effort to seek donations to this campaign from your own friends, family and colleagues. We have also been recognized by the National UCC assembly to receive a first ever matching fund of $48K. They will match us dollar for dollar for the first $48K that we raise on our own. That will get us nearly HALF WAY to our total goal.

We will be posting more information on this topic on The City , so keep checking in. If you have ANY questions, need to know how to make a contribution or just want to learn more about this, please contact either me or Lori G. via The City – all our contact information can be found there.

It is our honor to serve KUCC in this way, and we ask all of you to keep us in your prayers – as we pray for all of you and this amazing church.

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