On Sunday, February 15, 2015 the Capital Campaign Committee made a presentation at both worship services:

  • We’ve raised $76,000 dollars to date. YAY!
  • We’ve found a potential new home: 100 Rogers St., Kirkwood, GA 30317
  • The national UCC has increased their offer to match our funds from the original $48,000 up to $100,000 DOLLARS! Super YAY!
  • We MUST raise an additional $24,000 by EASTER (April 5th)​ to hit $100,000 in our account in order to get these additional matching funds. We can do that!
  • THEN…we must raise an additional $57,000 in a combination of CASH and Pledges.
    • Cash of $25,000 by June 30th (on top of the $24,000 above)
    • Pledges of $32,000 by June 30th BUT we have until Sept 30th 2016 to make good on those pledges
  • This is HUGE ask, a HUGE Challenge and it will take ALL of US to make it happen.

​But it is so doable!! In fact, one member was telling me she is going to disconnect her cable to come up with extra money  for this campaign​. WOW!​!

This is going to take that kind of creativity to fund this challenge.

  • Kyle announced a creative yard sell challenge to raise money and there will many more opportunities.
  • RED, RED, RED…we have purchased a PILE of Red envelopes and are asking you to use these when making donations. This will allow us to tell the difference between Capital donations and “regular operating” donation.
  • If you are donating cash PLEASE make sure your name is included. If you are making a pledge you can access the forms on the KUCC website OR you grab one at church.
  • If you have any questions reach out to Alicia Ottley, Lori Glidewell or Kyle Campbell. Our contact information is on the City.

Please keep this new building, our financial needs and your ability to participate in your prayers. We, the Capital folks will keep bringing you updates, ideas, needs and news of our financial health. This is SO exciting and we are thrilled to be a part of this community at this critical time.

Love to all, Alicia, Lori & Kyle

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