What a Glorious Easter Celebration we had, with much to celebrate in the life of our community! Among the celebrations was a very favorable Capital Campaign update.

  • Our Goal for Easter was to move from the $76K that we had raised as of January and grow that number to $100K. We achieved that goal AND THEN SOME!
  • Our total CC collection (not counting Easter) was $122K. Folks, that is amazing work and we are SO GRATEFUL to all of you who have worked so hard to help us fund our new home.

Now that we have surpassed the $100K mark this makes us eligible for the National UCC matching fund of $100K! Bringing our grand total (again, not including Easter collections) to $222K.

Next steps: The Capital Campaign Committee will meet with the Servant Leadership folks involved in the actual purchase to level set on our cash needs. Those of you that have purchased property before know that inspections, remodels and permit fees can start to add up. Once we get more granular information on how all that is going we’ll come back to the congregation with a final tally of what is needed.

Please be in prayer about this process…pray for wisdom, pray for parking and pray for those that are involved in helping KUCC navigate all these hurdles.

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