Rev. Susannah DavisI know that I have been called to serve, and I know God expects me to be authentic, to be the person that God has created me to be, and I believe that in and through the faithful denomination of the United Church of Christ God is making a way. That is who God is. God is always making a way for us to draw closer, to share compassion and love with our sisters and brothers. Henri Nouwen said that in our blessedness and brokenness, we can become the body of Christ. I am so blessed and so fortunate and full of life and love in so many ways… and I am broken and hurt and worried and frustrated all at the same time. It is the truth of my life, and maybe yours. It is the truth of The Church, and maybe this is exactly where God is calling us to be: authentic, real, and reaching out to all people with radical welcome and outrageous hospitality.

I believe that a pastor, a preacher, a minister should be a person that is always open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, offering that vision and hope to the people that he or she is serving. I recognize that the Spirit works in and through all sorts of people in all kinds of ways. So, I understand that part of my responsibility as a minister is to offer leadership and vision, and to be open to those I’m serving.

I also believe a very important part of my ministry is to offer worship that is authentic, engaging, honest and faithful to our scriptures. Preaching and teaching in a worship setting is essential in my understanding of ministry. I am also aware of my responsibility and call as a pastoral presence in people’s lives and in the tile of the community. I am not always certain of the words, or the conversation, but I can and will always show up.

John the Baptist sets the example for my understanding of ordained ministry – with authenticity in who he was created to be, with enthusiasm and excitement he gathered people together… always pointing them toward Christ and past himself to the one who saved him and would save them. My hope is to share the Good News of the Gospel in such way that people can hear it and maybe even begin to claim it for their very own lives.

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