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All Church Meeting: January 27, 2013

Meeting Highlights


Introduction: Rev. Susannah Davis

–       Trish Floyd nominated and approved as new co-moderator, serving alongside Chris Mayer (co-moderator), Lori Philput (Treasurer), and Mayjean Deem (secretary)

Servant Leadership Team Updates: Chris Mayer

–       Overview of 2012 ministry activities, budget, stewardship, and small groups

–       Gave special thanks to Ember Ford, Diane James, Susan Anderson, and Rebecca for their service to the church

–       Highlighted open leadership positions:

  • Editor for the monthly newsletter
  • Fundraiser Chair
  • Second Sunday Supper leadership
  • Assisting Susannah with activities

Space Cases Updates: Gary Garrett

–       Committee of several people in and outside of the church community searching for possible building/renting opportunities for the growing congregation

–       Two main options

  • Renting space from Monumental Baptist Church
  • Continue in Hosea Williams Space

–       Committee recommends pursuing the current space as a POSSIBILITY (nothing is certain at this point as conversations are just beginning on offers and counteroffers)

  • At this point, the owners of the building have given a counter offer, and Bill Adams et al. are working on our behalf to work out details
  • All based on 160-180 “Due Diligence” period to investigate permitting, zoning, financial issues

–       Capital campaign will be starting up

–       All are invited to add to the “Prayer and Vision” Board made by Heather Blair

  • Post prayers and ideas regarding the new space that you feel would contribute to the life of the church

Pastor’s Personal and Personnel Committee: Rob Enfinger

–       Staffing committee that assists in evaluation and support of staff members

–       Three goals for the coming year

  • Increasing staff salaries (Children’s minister, musicians, pastor)
  • New staff position: Administrative Minister/Assistant (job description available – speak to Rob)
  • Staff Evaluation process (to give feedback to the committee on how to improve the position, maintain structure, performance expectations/guidelines)

2012/2013 Budget: Susan Anderson and Alicia Ottley

–       See accompanying documents for detailed budget 

Ministry Reports


Music/Choir: Bones

–       15-20 people choir

–       Received gift of hymnals from Karen Mann’s parents

–       Purchased access to copyrights

–       Wants/needs:

  • Brass, string, and wind ensembles – be on the lookout for meetings
  • Special song requests (to continue to sing, or to not sing)
  • Children’s choir/music

Communications: Anna Flowers

–       New website up and running thanks especially to Don Harris

–       Weekly email – if you would like to be included please contact Anna

–       Ask for people to continue to take pictures during KUCC events

–       Soon to be launching a new online platform called “The City” to encourage connections for the community – stay tuned for more information regarding this product

KUCC Youth: Alex Bardole

–       Youth group has been meeting regularly since last spring

–       Upcoming outings:

  • Soup Saturday
  • Rock climbing
  • Coffee Hour
  • Retreat
  • Fundraising

–       Upcoming discussion topics:

  • UCC History
  • Relationships
  • Church and science

KUCC Children: Kathy Carter

–       Children’s ministry continues to expand with Sunday School and nursery programs

–       Goals:

  • Sunday School growth (3-5th Grade Options)
  • Children’s Council – sounding board for Kathy and children’s ministers
  • VBS – double numbers

–       How you can help:

  • Feb. 17th Parent’s Meeting before worship
  • Mar. 3 – VBS planning
  • Sign up for nursery volunteer
  • Teach Sunday School

Pastor’s Report – Rev. Susannah Davis

–       Thankful for all of the leadership who make our life together meaningful (especially for those who receive no compensation except the joy J)

–       Missions – church has grown from 3-days a week to 7-days a week with ministries happening nearly every day at the church as well as outside of its walls

–       Visioning – will have updates soon on the next stage in the visioning process for where we see the church going and who the community is becoming

–       With help from the congregation, able to focus more on her vocation of pastoral duties, rather than on stocking toilet paper

–       Seeking out ways to rejuvenate, recharge, recreate, and continue to see how God is moving in this place

Please contact Mayjean Deem at for more information or questions regarding these highlights.

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