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All Church Meeting: January 27, 2013

Meeting Highlights


Introduction: Rev. Susannah Davis

–       Trish Floyd nominated and approved as new co-moderator, serving alongside Chris Mayer (co-moderator), Lori Philput (Treasurer), and Mayjean Deem (secretary)

Servant Leadership Team Updates: Chris Mayer

–       Overview of 2012 ministry activities, budget, stewardship, and small groups

–       Gave special thanks to Ember Ford, Diane James, Susan Anderson, and Rebecca for their service to the church

–       Highlighted open leadership positions:

  • Editor for the monthly newsletter
  • Fundraiser Chair
  • Second Sunday Supper leadership
  • Assisting Susannah with activities

Space Cases Updates: Gary Garrett

–       Committee of several people in and outside of the church community searching for possible building/renting opportunities for the growing congregation

–       Two main options

  • Renting space from Monumental Baptist Church
  • Continue in Hosea Williams Space

–       Committee recommends pursuing the current space as a POSSIBILITY (nothing is certain at this point as conversations are just beginning on offers and counteroffers)

  • At this point, the owners of the building have given a counter offer, and Bill Adams et al. are working on our behalf to work out details
  • All based on 160-180 “Due Diligence” period to investigate permitting, zoning, financial issues

–       Capital campaign will be starting up

–       All are invited to add to the “Prayer and Vision” Board made by Heather Blair

  • Post prayers and ideas regarding the new space that you feel would contribute to the life of the church

Pastor’s Personal and Personnel Committee: Rob Enfinger

–       Staffing committee that assists in evaluation and support of staff members

–       Three goals for the coming year

  • Increasing staff salaries (Children’s minister, musicians, pastor)
  • New staff position: Administrative Minister/Assistant (job description available – speak to Rob)
  • Staff Evaluation process (to give feedback to the committee on how to improve the position, maintain structure, performance expectations/guidelines)

2012/2013 Budget: Susan Anderson and Alicia Ottley

–       See accompanying documents for detailed budget 

Ministry Reports


Music/Choir: Bones

–       15-20 people choir

–       Received gift of hymnals from Karen Mann’s parents

–       Purchased access to copyrights

–       Wants/needs:

  • Brass, string, and wind ensembles – be on the lookout for meetings
  • Special song requests (to continue to sing, or to not sing)
  • Children’s choir/music

Communications: Anna Flowers

–       New website up and running thanks especially to Don Harris

–       Weekly email – if you would like to be included please contact Anna

–       Ask for people to continue to take pictures during KUCC events

–       Soon to be launching a new online platform called “The City” to encourage connections for the community – stay tuned for more information regarding this product

KUCC Youth: Alex Bardole

–       Youth group has been meeting regularly since last spring

–       Upcoming outings:

  • Soup Saturday
  • Rock climbing
  • Coffee Hour
  • Retreat
  • Fundraising

–       Upcoming discussion topics:

  • UCC History
  • Relationships
  • Church and science

KUCC Children: Kathy Carter

–       Children’s ministry continues to expand with Sunday School and nursery programs

–       Goals:

  • Sunday School growth (3-5th Grade Options)
  • Children’s Council – sounding board for Kathy and children’s ministers
  • VBS – double numbers

–       How you can help:

  • Feb. 17th Parent’s Meeting before worship
  • Mar. 3 – VBS planning
  • Sign up for nursery volunteer
  • Teach Sunday School

Pastor’s Report – Rev. Susannah Davis

–       Thankful for all of the leadership who make our life together meaningful (especially for those who receive no compensation except the joy J)

–       Missions – church has grown from 3-days a week to 7-days a week with ministries happening nearly every day at the church as well as outside of its walls

–       Visioning – will have updates soon on the next stage in the visioning process for where we see the church going and who the community is becoming

–       With help from the congregation, able to focus more on her vocation of pastoral duties, rather than on stocking toilet paper

–       Seeking out ways to rejuvenate, recharge, recreate, and continue to see how God is moving in this place

Please contact Mayjean Deem at [email protected] for more information or questions regarding these highlights.

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