Many folks in our KUCC community are offering creative ways to fill their red envelopes and support our Capital Campaign. Here are some ways you, your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers (just about anyone) can join the fun:

  • Red-Envelope-LogoAn Etsy page for all of you creative types — be in touch with Amy Williams for more info
  • A children’s clothes consignment network — be in touch with Kathryn Caldwell for more details
  • Cupcakes for the corporate gig, kindergarten classroom OR just to share with family and friends — contact Corey Jones for Cupcakes
  • Church Bake sale for a Building, happening every Sunday — Mary Coniglio has got this bake sale burnin’–in a good way
  • Gold & other glistening things around the house that might be traded in for $$$$ — Burt Whistler would be happy to help out or advise
  • Trading vocational services for $$$ in a Red Envelope — Elizabeth Geisz is trading Life Coach lessons for a $100 Red Envelope contribution
  • Hire a bagpiper in full attire or a master flutist — contact Beth and Corbin Allgood/McKinnon for your next event
  • Want to learn Spanish? Valerie Coe Lowder’s mother is a native Spanish-speaker is offering language lessons


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