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Support KUCC by purchasing and enjoying fair-trade, organic, chemical- and additive-free products, and at the same time join a movement to support small-scale farmers around the world. Our congregation is selling fair-trade coffee, chocolate, olive oil and other items produced by the worker cooperative Equal Exchange.Why Equal Exchange? Equal Exchange farmers own the co-ops and earn a fair wage and are co-owners of their own farms and business. This is unlike west African countries that have cacao farms – controlled by a handful of western corporations (Nestle, Hershey, Mars, etc.) – who make extensive use of child slave labor, use dangerous pesticides, do not practice sustainable farming methods, and do not provide the farmers with a living wage.Equal Exchange partners use sustainable farming methods, free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. The chocolate products are sourced exclusively from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, and Peru.As an added bonus, we are partnering with the UCC Coffee Project to add even more value to your purchase! For each pound of fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, and foods purchased through the UCC Coffee Project, 15 cents per pound goes to the UCC Justice & Witness Ministries’ Small Farmer Fund, supporting the UCC Franklinton Center’s Just Foods Project, which enhances the viability, vitality, and sustainability of families and small farmers in Edgecombe County, one of the poorest areas in eastern North Carolina and the United States. That Fund amounted to $8,965.02 in 2012 alone! monkimage


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