At Kirkwood United Church of Christ we believe that we are all called to be ministers of the gospel, although some of us have special gifts and talents that lead us to a vocational calling as ordained ministers and pastors.

Discerning God’s Call to Ordained Ministry

KUCC strives to be a place for pastors to learn and grow so they one day can server their communities. The process of preparing for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ is called “Discernment.”

When a member’s call leads to consideration of authorized ministry, the church and that member together seek to discern the particular shape of the call. Such discernment is an ongoing process. The primary question guiding discernment is, “To what ministry is this person called?” and “Does this ministry require authorization?” If so, what form?

A program of formation and preparation for possible authorization is determined by the Association’s Committee on Ministry (COM), in consultation with the member and his or her local church. In many cases, this program will include a seminary degree. Discernment continues within a covenant among the member, the COM, and the local church.

Our Members in Discernment Ministry

On the Journey

  • Jess Chancey
  • Mercy Packer-Monroe
  • Whitney Walton

Ordained from KUCC

  • Dave Sigmund
  • Laura Arnold
  • Samantha Snellgrove
  • Drew Terry
  • Lacey Brown
  • Anna Flowers
  • Lex Cade-White
  • Katie O’Dunne
  • Josh Kuipers
  • Larry Gipson
  • Heather Fosburg
  • James Bowman Harris

Support Team

  • Valerie Coe Lowder
  • Daryl Atkins
  • Gary Garrett
  • Chris Mayer
  • Susannah Davis
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