In order to track how we’re doing toward our goals, we are asking you to track, record and report your activity either through the TIMECARDS we have available in the offering plate each Sunday OR you can record and report ON LINE at

We also want to see KUCC Mission 4/1 Earth action in photographs! Please Tag KUCC in your Mission 4/1 Earth activity photos on Facebook!

So what is our individual role and how do we ‘count’ these actions?   Here are some samples of how you might count your time. Note that some of these are subjective so use your judgment as appropriate!

Hours of Earth Care

Take alternate transportation to work (walk, bike, transit, carpool) # of hours
Read a book, watch a documentary, read an article about environment # of hours
Plant and tend an organic garden # of hours
Prepare a sermon, lead a Bible study, plan earth-care focused worship # of hours
Attend earth day event or environmental cleanup # of hours
Wash clothes in cold water # loads
Recycle and compost (time spent collecting, sorting, submitting items) # of hours
Change lights to CFL or LEDs (# hours light is used) # of hours
Writing letters of environmental advocacy (also counts as letters written) # of hours
Plant a tree (also counts as tree planted) # of hours
Less than 5 minute shower (*average shower is 7-8 minutes) 0.2 hours
Check and repair leaky faucets # hours
Use manual lawnmower # hours
Bring your own bags to shop 0.5 hours
Buy fresh, local food at local farmers markets 1 hour per visit
Buy fresh, local produce through community supported agriculture share 2 hours per week
Take re-useable water bottles versus plastic water bottles 0.5 hours per use
Use your imagination AND create an estimate of time saved for earth care! Your call!

Trees Planted

Plant a tree 1
Commit to plant a tree during the 2013 planting season (12/13) 1
Work with Trees ATL or other group to mulch, maintain, water 2 tree per 1 hour work
Support organizations that plant ($25 donation average  for 1 tree) 1 tree per $25 donation
Trees Atlanta (
LAMBI Fund of Haiti is planting one million trees, raising awareness
about deforestation 1 tree per $22 donation
Fruit Tree Planting in Nicaragua 1 tree per $5 donation

Advocacy Letters

Write and send letter of advocacy on environmental concerns 1 per recipient
Personally contact an elected official to discuss your viewpoint 5 per contact
Write/ send letter to local/national news outlet

We will be providing some sample letters on three topics for your consideration or you may write a letter on any topic you wish!  We will also develop letters on those three issues that you may sign as well for us to submit to elected officials as a “petition.”

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