It’s that time of year again! For that we say Hallelujah, and maybe we ask the question: “How can this year be different?”

Advent is a journey that moves us toward the Christmas celebration — the joy and hope of a baby born in Bethlehem bringing peace on earth, and maybe even a little peace in our own lives.

Our KUCC worship team would like to invite you to be a part of that journey this year—The ADVENTure, as we hear anew this old, old story of Mary and Joseph, the Baby Jesus, the angels, and the shepherds. Together we wonder and marvel at their willingness, their insight, their love, their fear, their YES, to this One who would bring LIGHT to the World.

What an ADVENTure it must have been! We can’t wait to experience this ADVENTure with YOU!

Advent and Christmas Worship

  • December 2: First Sunday of Advent: The Hope and Expectation of an Adventure! We will be celebrating Holy Communion.
  • December 9: Second Sunday of Advent: Our Brother John the Baptist — Preparing the way for this Great ADVENTure. Caroling and Christmas Party following worship.
  • December 16: Third Sunday of Advent and Christmas Pageant: With beautiful music and the sweetest words, our KUCC Choir and Children will share with us in the annual Christmas pageant.
  • December 21: 7:00 p.m. Longest Night Service: An opportunity to worship on the shortest/darkest night of the year and prepare together, for the Light to Break Forth and the hope of a new day to dawn.
  • December 23: Fourth Sunday of Advent: What were Mary & Joseph thinking as their ADVENTure began?
  • December 24: 5:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Service: Even the animals had a place on this Holiest of Nights. Join us for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship.
  • December 30: The ADVENTURE Begins!

Additional Gatherings in December

  • December 4: 7:00–8:00 p.m. Loss & Love–Christmas Prayer Group: An invitation to share the Hard Parts of this season in a circle of love and care and an opportunity to pray together.
  • December 9:Christmas Caroling in Kirkwood! Caroling in Kirkwood and Annual Christmas Party at the Parsonage following worship! 2077 Ridgedale Road, Atlanta, GA 30317. Please bring a crock pot of chilli OR some little sandwiches OR something to share with crowd AND we’ll Carol & Consume the night away!!!!
  • December 16: 6:00 p.m. KUCC 20-Somethings Christmas Potluck: Come join us after church sporting your favorite tacky sweater and bearing a dish to share! Click here for details and RSVP.

Outreach: Christmas in Kirkwood 2012

Part of our celebration of Christmas at KUCC is to take care of the children in our community, those who eat with us at Soup Saturday, as well as others who we hold in our care. These kids come from families that need assistance in making Christmas a joyous time for their children.

General Support for Christmas in Kirkwood 2012:

  • Give cash donations to help pay for hats and gloves already purchased.
  • Give unwrapped toys and books for kids ages 5-12. We need lots of these!
  • Give Target or Wal-Mart gift cards.

Instructions for those that adopted kids:

Clothes: Please try and get your child an outfit (size should have been on your sheet and if not just get an age appropriate outfit )- this would be something like jeans and a shirt.  Coats are welcome but not expected

Toy: Please buy your child some sort of toy or entertainment gift (some sheets had a wish on it but if not just get an age appropriate toy).

Education: Please buy your child a book or something age appropriate as an educational item.

This expectation is not that you spend a lot of money but that they get an item from each category to fulfill their wish list as well as a crucial need which is probably clothes.  Most times, you would not spend more than $100.00.  Sale shopping is great and we have gotten many things for kids and spent less than that.  Let me know if you have questions or are having any issues.

We need these items, wrapped, with your child’s name on the tag, no from name, by the 20th.  Email Reshell and she will meet you to pick them up or let you in the church to drop them off. Thank you for your commitment to take on a child.

Please email Reshell Baldinin at with any questions or concerns.

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